Ask Us
Q. I enrolled a new representative, but they are not activated, why?

A. Each new representative receives an email which contains a link. Once that link is not used with 24hrs it will expire. Once activated the new representative must fill out the required information on the form.

Q. How do I enroll?

A. To enroll a person you can do the following:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the dashboard
  3. Click "Enroll New Representatives"
  4. Select "Invite/View Representatives"
  5. Click on Invite New Reprsentatives
  6. Fill in required fields and then click on "Send Registration Invite"

Q. Why do I have to use a link to refer a new representative to register?

A.  A link must be used to refer another person to register because it gives you the privilege to add them under your team and earn more coins.

Q. Why is my social security number needed for me to complete my registration?

A. Social Security number is needed to prevent duplicate accounts in the system.

Q. Will I be able to receive commission if I enroll?

A. In order to qualify for commission, you must enroll 2 new representative to complete your binary.